Jul 19, 2021

18 things I love-hate about FFXIV

 I have been playing FFXIV for about a month now & here are some of the things I love, so far.

  1. automatic looting, no need to click or anything, just get loot
  2. can't fall off of (most) cliffs & shit
  3. drop rates/quest items, no more Zhevra hooves (ugh)
  4. earrings w/stats, & you can see them & necklaces on your char
  5. mount acquisition, do a quest, get a Chocobo, easy
  6. player housing system, as in they actually have one (listening Blizzard?)
  7. quest progression, very easy to figure out what to do next
  8. travel systems, there are so many ways to get around the world
  9. unlock flying by finding some things & doing a few quests, no needless grinding

Now here are a few things I don't like, even hate.

  1. interactive cutscenes, you can't just watch, you have to click click click
  2. lots of unnecessary clicking, there is just way too much clicking in this game
  3. actually getting a player house, good luck
  4. targeting range is really short
  5. turning in quest items is very cumbersome & very clicky
  6. unit frames are hard to see & tell if something is hostile or not
  7. the world map is just a mess, it needs to be static & the controls need to be larger, & right click to move up a level, plus instance zones don't show the world, it's a complete mess!
  8. zone loading screens are a huge distraction. PS3 needs them, but get rid of them for the rest of us
  9. world instanced zone transitions are also a mess & require too much clicking

Okay, so I'm 50/50 on my love/hate for FFXIV. Overall I am really loving it, the annoyances are not that big of a deal & are far outshined by the good parts of the game.

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